Bustan Bar - Shappy Boutique Hostel

Hey you!

Welcome to Bustan, a hidden garden in the very heart of Zagreb.

Located in Varšavska street 8, barely 200 meters from the main square, this mysterious place yet awaits to be discovered. Just like a place from the stories of old, it only opens up to a traveler who knows where to look, so don’t just rush around the city center, take a small break and enjoy the moment surrounded by plants in the spot where no unwanted eye contacts are made.

Are you like us and need a good cup of coffee in the morning, preferably at some peace corner so you can start the day? At Bustan, we will serve you a cup of finely single roasted Cogito coffee so you can fill up your batteries for a new day.

Maybe you prefer beer? Craft beer you say?
Look no further, you found your place!

Explore our craft beer selection from some of the best craft breweries in Croatia. Tested and approved by esteemed professionals, a.k.a. the locals, craft beers you can find here range from you everyday lager to the pilsner, stout, IPA, APA, and all the other tasty acronyms and names you can imagine.

Well, if nor coffee or beer attracts you, maybe some long drinks will satisfy your taste. From fruity to bitter, our cocktail list will surely make tipsy even the picky ones.

No fruit is forbidden in our garden, come as you are and let us introduce you to Bustan and our team.

Still thirsty for more information?
Come and visit us (if you think you can find us ) and maybe you find a perfect place in Zagreb to call your own, while our staff will gladly answer all your questions and make you a drink you desire.
If you prefer “digital meetings”, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest news, upcoming events, special offers, or just some silly stuff we found too funny not to share.

Let’s match online but the most important of all, we hope to beer you soon!