our delicious “Taste of Croatia” breakfast.

Featuring the best Croatia has to offer – global “cheese award” winning cheese from the Croatian islands

Traditional smoked specialty cuts of ham from
the south Croatian coast.

Traditional breakfast pitas from the east of Croatia,
including cheese, spinach, ham, sausage, peppers, and more

Plus sweets! Croatians love their sweets.
Try the local Croatian delicacies – a new menu everyday.

Plus of course, free (Croatian roasted) coffee and teas.

Shappy Bar

Opened in Winter 2019, Shappy Bar is an urban garden that offer a quiet, intimate
exprience in the heart of the city.
The bar serves high quality coffe, cold and hot drinks and cold dishes.

Shappy guests enjoy exlusive discount and happy – hour.

Opened daily from 10:00-22:00